Log Splitter Parts

Beiler Hydraulics offers all the components needed to build your own log splitter as well as supply manufacturers of log splitters. We stock the log splitter two-stage pumps, log splitter valves, and a wide variety of hydraulic cylinders ranging from light duty tie-rod cylinders to heavy duty welded cylinders. So whether you are replacing a part on your log splitter or want a new set up, Beiler Hydraulics can help. Please contact our professional sales team for your specific log splitter needs.


Components Recommended For A Log Splitter

Suction Strainer Love Joy Couplings (between engine & pump)

Motor/Pump Adapter

Two Stage Log Splitter Pump

Pressure Gauge

Relief Valve (included in LS3000-1 valve) Log Splitter Valve w/ Pressure Release Detent

Hydraulic Cylinder Hydraulic

Oil Return Filter Head and Filter

Hydraulic Tank


Hydraulic Cylinder Forces

3” Bore Hydraulic Cylinder @ 3000 PSI Produces 21,000 lbs of force

4” Bore Hydraulic Cylinder @ 3000 PSI Produces 37,000 lbs of force

5” Bore Hydraulic Cylinder @ 3000 PSI Produces 58,000 lbs of force

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