Char-Lynn Motors (Low Speed, High Torque)

Beiler Hydraulics has been dealing with Charlynn motors for over 30 years. Backed by Eaton's 45 years of experience, these motors reach high levels of excellence. With such a vast field of demand for compact, high quality motors, Charlynn provides the perfect solution. From conveyors to wheel motors, Charlynn offers many different mounts, displacements, and shaft styles. These motors are built to last on your equipment, so whether you are manufacturing equipment or just want to replace an existing motor contact Beiler Hydraulics' sales team for more information.

At Beiler Hydraulics we offer Charlynn's leading motor for Low Speed High Torque (LSHT) applications. These motors consist of the Geroler and Geroter style motors. With Valve-In-Star, Disc Valve, and Spool Valve motors almost every application is covered. Some of these applications include the following: Car Washes, Fishing Winches, Marine Bow Thrusters, Railroad Maintenance, Industrial Snow Blowers, Chute Rotators, Industrial Sweepers, Saw Mill Works, Food Processing, Agricultural Conveyors, Skid-steer Attachments, Swing Motors, Seeders, Directional Boring, Winches, Salt Spreaders, Scissors Lifts, Irrigation Reels, Grinders, and Mixers. Contact our sales team to help you find the correct motor for your application.

The Disc valve motors come in several different series, the 2000, 4000, 6000, & 10000 series. These motors which are commonly found on brush mowers, harvesting equipment, trenchers, forestry equipment, and turf equipment. Disc valve motors are used where there is high side load as well as having low pressure drops. With all series having many different cubic inch displacements selecting a motor for your specific application is simple.

The Spool valve motor is a high quality motor for small general applications. The series includes the J, H, S, T, and W series. Spool valve motors are commonly found on augurs, conveyors, machine tools, food processing equipment etc. These motors are ideal for low-flow and low-speed applications. With a vast spectrum of applications with varying requirements Beiler Hydraulics is poised to supply Charlynn motors to meet these demands. We stock a wide variety of Charlynn motors in our 80,000 sq ft facility. Please contact our professional sales team for further assistance

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