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Beiler Hydraulics has been a Reelcraft distributor for over 20 years, offering a wide variety of quality reels. With over 30 years of experience, Reelcraft has you covered whether it's a special customized reel or one of their 2500 different models. These long lasting reels are backed by great customer service offering details that help you decide the best reel for you. With several warehouses located throughout North America stocked with standard reels, Reelcraft offers fast domestic shipping.

Reelcraft has reached into a broad realm of markets including the Industrial, Automotive, Marine, Chemical, Rental, Welding, Petroleum, L.P. Gas, Food Processing, Aviation, Electrical, and many more fields. Reels are perfect for warehouses or fabrication shops that have air hoses and electric cords laying around on the floor. These reels are a great solution for getting those hoses and cords up off the floor, and stored where they will not be a bother which may aid in the life of the hoses and cords. Some of the Reelcraft reel styles include Air, Water, Oil, Vacuum, Twin Hydraulic, Fuel, Gas, Grounding, Chemical, Corded, Welding Storage reels, etc. These reels come in various configurations such as spring retractable reels, being the most common. Other configurations include an electric motor driven, hand crank, Dual pedestal, and Electric light and receptacle, and stainless steel reels. Please follow the below link to determine the exact reel for you and your application

The quality and excellence of the reels is taken seriously by Reelcraft Industries. Their design team makes the reels with durable, corrosion-resistant powder coat paint, multi-position guide arms for versatile mounting options, and heavy-duty, reinforced steel stampings for increased strength. These reels are permanently factory-lubricated for long life. Another feature on spring driven reels, is that the drive spring is enclosed for protection against the elements. With these features in mind it isn't a shock that Reelcraft offers a two year limited warranty on their products. You may follow the below link to view testimonials of satisfied Reelcraft customers.

Reelcraft backs their products with great customer service to help spec and answer any questions you may have. Breakdowns for each reel are available showing the components and parts numbers making it simple to obtain replacement parts. These breakdowns include information such as dimensions, inlet/outlet sizes, pressure and temperature ratings, and weight. If you have any questions relating to Reelcraft's reels, please contact Beiler Hydraulics' friendly sales team.

Some applications require unique custom reels. Reelcraft has over 20 years of experience at designing and building custom reels to meet the customer's needs. Pressure ranges for these reels range from 50-5000 psi. Some of the unique options include tensioning bars, level rewinds, hose boss rewind assist, and many more. For finishing the reel, several paint options are available including CARC paint, marine grade epoxy, liquid enamel coat paint, and powder coat paint in any color. From large stainless steel hose reels, to long cable length reels, Reelcraft would welcome any challenge for a customized reel you may have. With no minimum amounts, you do not have to worry about meeting any minimums. Some of Reelcraft's custom reels have been used in the following industries: Marine, Military, Aviation, Hydro-seeding, Sewer & Well Cleaning, Offshore Oil Rigs, and Robotic Cable applications.

Reelcraft is positioned to meet any hose or cable reel you have, whether it's a stock or custom reel. From setting up a new facility, to replacing reels in your shop Reelcraft has you covered. With a large supply of reels ready to ship Reelcraft stands poised to meet your needs. Please contact Beiler Hydralics' sales team for assistance in selecting a reel for your specific need.

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