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Beiler Hydraulics has been selling and installing quality wet kits for more then twenty years. With our vast well of combined experience in hydraulic wet kits, totaling over 50 years, we aim to make your success our priority! We are committed to providing the expertise and components needed to advance your business by finding the right wet kit for your application. Our Sales team / engineers will be glad to assist you in the design of your wetline kit. Whether you are an "owner operator" with only one truck, or looking to install wetlines on a fleet of trucks, we can make it happen! Our mobile repair department is well-equipped with 8 truck shop bays to efficiently install wet kits for semi trucks. If you would rather do the installation yourself and are simply looking for a great supplier with experience and the inventory you need, contact us today. We install and sell components for Propane Wet Kits, Walking Floor Wet Kits, Dump Trailer Wet Kits, Dual System Wetlines, Goose Neck applications and Under the Hood-Clutch Pump Systems to name a few. With our 75,000+ square foot facility and multi-million-dollar inventory, we are well-positioned to provide the components required for your new installation or repair. You see, it's more than just selling the latest wet kit components. Our goal is to provide you with a complete solution by providing technical support and great customer service. The name "Wetline" refers to the fluid-filled hydraulic hoses used in conjunction with other control components to enhance trucks to perform various functions.  In short, a wet kit and is used to provide the power necessary for even the most complex applications using hoses, tanks, pumps, cylinders, valves, and other components.

We offer wetline kit components from the following quality manufacturers:

American Mobile  - Tanks
Paragon Truck Equipment – HydraFlow Oil Coolers, Dry Bulk Blowers
Permco – Dual System (Gemini System) Dump Pump, Walking Floor, Clutch Pumps.
Chelsea Pto's – 271, 442, 489,880, Hotshift, Air and Cable Shift, Parts.
Ogura: AA, 6 and 8 Groove Clutches
C.W. Mill Equipment: Clutch Pump Mounting Kits
Monarch / Bucher Hydraulics: 12V Self-Contained Power Units, Single and Double Acting Options, Valves.
Prince Mfg: 20 Series ( Intrchanges with Gresen V20)  Cylinders - Welded and Tie Rod
Lodar / Kar-Tech Remote Control Systems, Customized to Meet Your Needs.
Custom Hoist: Telescopic Cylinders, Replacements for Commercial and Mailhot Cylinders

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